DP Logistics

We are determined by development. Our company management philosophy has its foundation in the notion of corporate social responsibility (CSR) which is based on running a business and gaining competitive advantage by abiding ethics and law regulations. Working with carriers we treat the entrusted cargo with due attention to their long-term success. Starting with associates, partners as well as clients we build awareness of mutual respect and partnership founded on the model that we have devised ensuring development of each and every participant of the cargo delivery chain.

It is our complex support of the carriers in running their business that differentiates us from others. Apart from standard relations we offer additional solutions optimising mutual actions within the framework of the TSL area and related. Our solutions apply to both small businesses as well as enterprises. Individual need does not have to exclude either of the parties from participating in the cargo delivery chain and continuous work over optimising allows us to customise the service to the client’s expectations.

A very crucial role is played by qualifications of the co-workers at every stage of its working within our strategy; they support competitiveness of all the participants. We hold every necessary license as well as insurance that guarantees security in compliance with the CMR convention.

Not only does the advanced IT system but also IT-related solutions of the highest quality in terms of service and management in the actual time play an integral part of DP Logistics management. They enable us to respond quickly and simultaneously minimise operational risk.